I have heard variants of this sentiment on many occasions and I find it interesting. Interesting enough to write a short blog with my thoughts.

As a triathlete, does your running style differ to a ‘Runner’?

Does your cycling style differ to a ‘Cyclist’?

Let me start by putting my cards on the table. I think you are a swimmer until you exit the water and get on your bike (or whatever racing machine you may have in the garage). At that point, you become a cyclist……

My point is a simple one. ‘Swimmers’ and triathletes that are ‘swimming’ are doing exactly the same thing and need to have the same approach to this activity. There should not be a difference in the application of technique, planning, training etc. I want to start a revolution – Let’s see how many triathletes I can convert to swimmers! I promise to call you something else once you’ve exited the water!

I expect that you have less time to devote to swimming as you have two other disciplines to focus on. This is a great reason to train smart and look at the details. At SWIMCUBE, we want to help you become more efficient and faster in the water – these two things go hand in hand. We will tailor your sessions to work on technique and set you plans to take away allowing you to embed these principles.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this … let us know!

Happy swimming folks,