When I raced at Duston two years ago I was at my fittest and was swimming an 8 minute 400m, this year I have been at about 8:45. On Thursday Stuart H at The Swimcube showed me what I was doing wrong and made a start at correcting some of my faults. After a good practice yesterday, today i swam my fastest time ever at 7:36!! I can’t believe it.
Stuart Edmead

I attended the swim cube in Pitsford with some apprehension. Although I swim regularly, I would not consider myself an ‘accomplished’ swimmer or one that could compete.

I had also never swam in a resistance pool before or knew how it all worked.

After an hour and a half session with a friendly, encouraging and very knowledgable coach (Stuart )I don’t know what I was worried about. From the outset, you control the pace of both the pool resistance (flow) and how long you swim for. There is no pressure to swim continuously at all. I swam for a minute or two, reviewed the video (which is weirdly awesome seeing yourself swim in real time) and then with some coaching started the process again using different techniques. I am thrilled that I took 10-15 seconds off my 100 meters in the end. The smallest of changes made a huge difference. This was a great experience (birthday present). I loved every second and will be booking in my girls (club swimmers) my son (novice swimmer) and husband who is a leisure swimmer like me. It does not matter what level of swimming you are at.

The pool and facilities are what you need, it’s easy to get to, easy to park (you get a parking pass) and best of all you get videos with coaching narrative. I can’t wait to get back into my
Local pool to try out what I have learnt..

Susan Fitzgerald

Very calm and patient approach to fixing bad habits. Really enjoyed this session and some really quick wins were found for me to take away and work on. A great setup in an easily accessible (and beautiful) location with a really good coach. Great value, would highly recommend!
Steve Martin

Great facility and an extremely competent eye from Stuart makes Swimcube the place to go to to unleash your swim potential. Having been in the triathlon world for 12 years I can honestly state you’ll get the best bang for your buck and will certainly come away with a very clear idea of exactly what you’re doing right and wrong so you can set to work on improvements. Looking forward to faster swimming in 2019.

Ironman Cole

I visited The Swimcube today and I’m blown away at how much it helped me improve. The facilities are great, as was Stuart. After a quick chat about my goals I was in the water and started to take a look at my stoke on the video. The real-time analysis and drills Stuart provided resulted in almost instant improvements, and even better was having the videos after for reference after the session. By the end I was swimming more than 20 seconds per 100m quicker than the start, so it’s fair to say the improvement was dramatic (although there is lots of room for improvement in my technique ?). I’d definitely recommend trying it out and I’ll be back there in a few weeks for a follow up session and I’m sure more improvements.
Richard Mercer

I visited Stuart at The Swimcube this week and was really impressed with the whole set up. We talked about my goals and then it was quickly into the water. I’m not the best swimmer in the world but with Stu’s help and a few tweaks to my technique I very quickly improved just in our session. Camera’s from every angle, mirrors under water, excellent feedback, really impressive. I now have some stuff to work on and the video’s Stu sent are great to refer to, looking forward to going back in a few weeks…
Nick Hayward


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