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THE possibilities are endless with SWIMCUBE


DO you want to swim more efficiently, faster and further?

We want to work with you, regardless of your swimming goals. Our endless pool is situated at the beautiful Brixworth Country Park and provides the ideal setting to refine your swimming .

An endless pool brings many benefits when focusing on your stroke:

With an adjustable flow, our high performance endless pool is capable of challenging any pace of swimmer and there’s no turning to disrupt your swim.

Instant feedback

Your coach will be alongside you throughout the session providing instant feedback and video review of your progress. It is so much easier to visualise what the coach wants when you can see it.

Bespoke sessions

All of our sessions are tailored to suit you. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to swimming. You will take home a video of your session with voice over commentary. We can recommend drills and swim sets to ensure that you continue to improve after your visit.

Idyllic location

Our venue overlooks Pitsford Reservoir which is entirely surrounded by a seven mile track. We are delighted to now offer regular open water swim sessions at both Pitsford Reservoir and Grafham Water in Cambrideshire. Come for a swim and then explore these wonderful parks!

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Having always struggled with my swimming, I’d settled in to accepting my 1:30 Ironman swim time. I’ve always struggled, and just thought I was just not meant to swim, more of a sinker me.

However, inspiration came knocking following a random read on the internet about a local chap who had just swam the channel.  It got me thinking that this swim thing can be beat.  I’ll drop him an email….

The response was instant.. the answer is yes, how can I help you?

What followed was an eye opening change to the normal swim training procedure.  Stuart very clearly explained that the best thing to do was to work on immediate gains rather than lots of time in the pool.

The change was instantaneous, 10 secs off a 100m within the first week!!!!

Having only spend 4 weeks with Stuart, a total of six sessions, I headed out to my non wetsuit sea swim at Ironman Mexico.  1:30 no more! Coming out of the water in 1:13 at an Ironman event was simply amazing.

Rest assured I will be heading back to the SwimCube in January as part of my IM Austria training!

Gavin Reeves


For details on sessions, or to discuss your personal requirements further, please either email us at info@theswimcube.com or use the contact form below.

Telephone  : 07734 604991       Email:info@theswimcube.com